Athens: the best place for cosmetic surgery tourism


   Do you feel attracted by the idea of a breast augmentation, a rhinoplasty, a blepharoplasty, a tummy tuck, a facelift or a gynecomastia treatment beyond your country border? Cosmetic surgery is expanding worldwide and Greece is a popular tourist destination. Here are five tips when researching for cosmetic surgery at Athens and five benefits in case you choose Athens for your cosmetic procedure.

   Five tips for safe cosmetic surgery tourism

  • Be sure that your plastic surgeon has specific training in cosmetic surgery procedures, is HESPRAS (Hellenic Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery) membership and is experienced in the cosmetic procedure you are interested in.
  • Research your cosmetic procedure to understand the risks associated with it and what the requirements for a safe recovery are.
  • Unless you have met the plastic surgeon on a prior visit, discuss by phone with him or her in order to solve your questions, be fully informed and arrange all the details of your aesthetic procedure. In addition, make sure you will be comfortable with him or her, since a successful relationship with your plastic surgeon is based on confidence and trust.
  • Make sure that the personnel at the plastic surgeon’s office and in the operating room speak English, otherwise bring along a translator.
  • Ensure your follow-up care. Determine who will help you in your recovery since you are away from home. Bring along a friend or a family member who can offer support the first postoperative days. It is also important that the medical office and the hospital are near your residence place.

   Five benefits of cosmetic surgery tourism at Athens

  • Greek plastic surgeons are characterized by their high scientific training, expertise and the ability to use contemporary methods and techniques. This combination ensures successful cosmetic results and increased postoperative satisfaction.
  • The temperate and dry Mediterranean climate of Athens offers the opportunity not only for tourism trips, but also for a smooth and fast recovery.
  • Major attractions and cultural heritage monuments are very close to the center of Athens. So you have the opportunity to visit them in a few hours without burdening your postoperative course.
  • You can combine your cosmetic procedure with holidays. Unless you have postoperative difficulties, even visiting an island of Saronic Gulf or Cyclades is very easy on the same day.
  • Sunshine, bright colors, beautiful places, strong flavors and Mediterranean diet boost your mood and increase positive emotions, which, as has been scientifically proven, contribute to an easy and successful recovery.

   Choose Athens for the aesthetic procedure you wish, become more beautiful and come back to your country to enjoy a more beautiful life, inspired by Greek culture and ideals!

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