Mesotherapy against ageing with stem cells
mesotherapy with stem cells

   Mesotherapy with autologous fat is what most modern has to display until now the field of plastic surgery. Once completed the previous process of collecting, processing and injecting of the fat, it is followed by a further stage of fat processing. During this stage, all the adipocytes are removed and the liquefied emulsion, which is rich in stem cells, is injected by the method of mesotherapy below the skin.

   The results are amazing in skin rejuvenation of the face, the neck and the “neckline”. Also, the results are very promising for dark eye circles, scars and the early red striae (stretch marks) in the abdomen, chest and upper arms.

   Autologous fat transfer is a safe, well-tolerated process since it is a minimally invasive method –therefore bloodless and painless- that is, in addition, the only one that renews the skin from the inside out. The results of autologous fat transfer are natural, long-lasting and visible from the very first days.

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