threads PDO

   PDO absorbable threads are the latest trend for the facial and neck’s skin lift, as well as tightening at areas where exists mild sagging.

   In facelift cases, the threads are placed subcutaneously, through microscopic holes, form a supporting matrix and activate fibroblasts to promote collagen and elastin production. In this way, wrinkles can be corrected on the forehead and the glabella, on the crow’s feet, on the cheeks, on the neck, as well as facial contour is improved. The result is a renewed and less tired facial look. The technique has a short, easy and painless application, since the whole procedure lasts about 20-30 minutes, using local or even no anesthesia, allowing immediate return to daily activities. The threads are absorbed over a 6-month period –while their number and dimensions are personalized depending on the amount of sagging and the areas to be improved. Thread lift is often combined with other non-invasive techniques, such as botox, hyaluronic acid, stem cells, to achieve the optimal aesthetic effect.

   Although PDO thread lift has been proposed for other parts of the body (buttocks, thighs, abdomen, breast, upper arms, etc.) it has to pass the test of time to be established as a reliable technique. In no case, of course, the results can substitute for surgical procedures, such as facelift, both in duration and overall image.

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