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life coaching

  Body, as a key component of self-identity and an integral element of personality and self expression, is not a simple biological and immutable objective element, but a living, dynamic and complex socioemotional entity.

   For this reason, plastic surgery –the prime medical specialty that deals with body modification- has developed its cooperation with social sciences, in order to achieve an holistic, person-centered and individualized approach of those submitted to plastic procedures. It is given increasing importance to the thoughts, desires and emotions, as they emerge from the experience of their plastic procedure, with the aim of  better quality of care and their greater satisfaction.

    The counseling support and encouragement based on social sciences, constitutes a different and alternative form of support, since it is neither a psychological intervention or treatment. It provides you preoperative and postoperative support for reconstructive and aesthetic plastic procedures, while its reinforcing and encouraging role contributes positively:

  • In the management of emotions caused by the experience of your body and reflections of its image.
  • In the postoperative period, for more effective tackling of the fear, distress, worry, anxiety, insecurity and all those emotions that can affect negatively the process of the procedure.
  • In the postoperative period, which is characterized by variations of emotion and the anticipation of finalization and optimization of the aesthetic result of plastic procedure.
  • In the final aesthetic result, since the positive emotions and good mood function as “allies” for the avoidance of postoperative complications, easiest recovery and faster healing, increasing, thus, your postoperative gratification.

Counseling support offers you socioemotional coverage in order to:

  • Get used to your new body image.
  • Manage the effects of its modification.
  • Adapt to changes in your living conditions resulting from the procedure.

In addition, you are provided by the ability to:

  • Strengthen and further highlight the postoperative result of your plastic procedure and, in conjunction with your personal powers (external and internal), achieve a more attractive public presentation of yourself.
  • Highlight your uniqueness and your self-identity.
  • Optimize the benefits of your plastic procedure and be led to a positive development in all fields of your life (personal, professional, social, etc.).
  • Benefit from the opportunities which your body provides you and express yourself better through your body.

Dr. Georgia Dilaki

Sociologist, Doctor of  Psychology

Specialized in Sociology of the Body

MSc Political Science and Sociology

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