Vaginoplasty treats tissue relaxation in the woman’s external genitalia, restores congenital malformations in the vaginal area and corrects the very small or very large labia of the vulva (in order to achieve symmetry between them).

   It is a procedure for which demand is increasing, as more and more women seek to solve functional problems, such as prolapse of organs in the area (which as a result of great relaxation creates pain during sexual intercourse or even dressing restrictions) and claim their lost sexual satisfaction.

   During surgery, unnecessary skin is removed, while in the cases of small labia autologous fat is injected. The procedure is no longer mutilated and is performed with special manipulations that do not disrupt the sensitive tissues of the area, so as not to cause problems in sensitivity and erotic activity. The duration of vaginoplasty is one hour, is performed using local anesthesia or sedation and discharge is given on the same day (day clinic). Cutting of stitches is not required and return to daily activities is immediate. The recovery period is recommended meticulous hygiene in the area and abstinence from sexual activity.

   The result of vaginoplasty is the recovery of the youthful and firm appearance of the vulva, the comfort in everyday life and the improvement of woman’s erotic life.

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